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Summer ☀️ IV Special

  • San Franisco Natural Medicine 1615 20th Street San Francisco (map)

Get a FREE Glutathione Push with any IV Therapy! Good Now Until Sept 14th (Valid on Saturdays Only) $70 value.

Are you needing a little summer boost? 

Try an introductory Myers’ Cocktail IV. This vitamin packed IV drips in a quick 20 minutes and yields direct nutrients right into the bloodstream by means of bypassing the GI tract for optimal absorption. 

Are you planning to travel or just getting back from a holiday? 

Try our Multivitamin IV or Immune Support IV.

Are you looking to maximize your muscle output and recovery? 

How about an Amino Acid IV which is shown to decrease pain post workout and increase endurance both before and after your workout.  

Do you have a work party, happy hour, block party or a concert where you’ll be drinking wine, margaritas, craft beer or other spirits?

As much fun as these events are, the reality is, alcohol pulls B vitamins from the bloodstream and leaves us depleted with what we all know as a classic hangover. Come in for a pre-party or post-party Hangover IV to restore your nutrient levels to leave you feeling energetic and healthy before the hangover hits!

Are you longing for healthier skin, stronger nails, and thicker hair? 

Give our Hair, Skin, Nails IV a try! 

FREE Glutathione Push? So what is glutathione anyway and why is there such a buzz over this nutrient/antioxidant?

Glutathione supports our detoxification pathway tremendously. Glutathione assists in restoring and balancing our cells to achieve homeostasis by scavenging toxins and supporting healthy cellular function. As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to manufacture glutathione by the body. 

Read more about this master antioxidant.

NOTE: Not every IV might be optimal for each person, and every patient will be assessed on his/her personal needs. One of our doctors here at SFNM will help you decide which IV therapy is best for you!

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