Does Holiday Weight Gain Have You Feeling Down?

Most of us gain weight over the holidays. You may be experiencing symptoms such as bloating, digestive upset, brain fog, disrupted sleep, increased joint pain, fatigue and food cravings. A recent study has shown that the average American gains about a pound over the holidays, but that pound doesn't come off. This weight gain accumulates from year to year, contributing to the obesity epidemic. Weight gain appears to be more significant in overweight individuals who typically experience about 5 pounds of weight gain over the holidaysAnother study demonstrated that although body weight did not dramatically change over the holidays, the body composition did change and not for the better. In this study the percent of body fat increased, likely due to increased alcohol and sugar.

Does your doctor specialize in medical weight loss?

Most medical schools do not teach doctors about healthy and effective weight loss. Dr. Klausmeyer has extensively trained in this area of practice, stays current on the literature and lectures on the topic. He is an expert on managing overweight/ obese patients and will help you eliminate stubborn fat once and for all. 

Many approaches to weight loss

Weight loss is a $42 billion dollar industry. There are many options on the market for weight loss, and most patients have tried several of them to reduce body weight. Most of these programs contain some good information, but fail to individualize the treatment, or simply do not offer a comprehensive system for resolving fat issues long-term. You may have wondered why certain people lose weight on various programs, but you yourself did not. The answer is that the program was not treating the unique cause of your stubborn fat. Working with Dr. Klausmeyer will allow you to systematically sort through the many factors of your weight issues and treat the underlying cause.

Being overweight or obese is a costly condition. Patients on average spend about $1,429 more annually on healthcare costs compared to their normal weight counterparts. The reasons for this is that excess body fat contributes to many conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer, all of which are expensive conditions to treat. In general, if you are fat you are likely to be inflamed, and chronic inflammation has been shown to contribute to most chronic health conditions. Dr. Klausmeyer will tailor your program in a cost-effective manner. Although the cost of treatment is an investment up front, it will help reduce overall health care expense later in life as well as it’s many positive benefits on your health and well-being.

What to expect

  • You will receive a thorough medical evaluation and will be educated about how your body composition is affecting your overall health
  • Advanced specialty metabolic lab workup will be performed as indicated
  • Clear goals and a realistic time frame for achieving results
  • Education about your individual factors that contribute to stubborn fat and how to address them
  • You will be educated on how to successfully track your diet in a meaningful way that doesn’t feel like wasted time
  • State-of-the-art bio-impedance assessment (BIA) technology will be used to monitor your body composition and interventions will be targeted precisely to your body’s needs
  • Structured eating planning will direct you in eating the correct amounts of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and protein).
  • Principles for exercising effectively for weight loss will be given. You will be directed in the correct type of cardio and resistant training for your body type.
  • Other areas such as sleep, hormones, gut flora, psychological aspects, stress and much more will be addressed as indicated.

Are you ready to lose weight? Working with Dr. Klausmeyer will provide you the structure, education and motivational support to help you reach your goals. Dr. Klausmeyer has helped hundreds of patients lose weight successfully. Why not be the next one?

Call 415-643-6600 to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Klausmeyer. Or if you would like to talk to Dr. Klausmeyer first to find out if this plan can help you, we can schedule a free, 15-minute telephone consult. We are eager to help you on your journey to wellness.