Injection Therapies

Vitamin injections for optimal health

SFNM offers an extensive menu of vitamin and mineral injections to promote good health as well as replenish deficient nutrients.

Our most common injections of B12 and other B vitamins can be an effective means for supporting nerve health, hormone balance, adaptation to stress, and immune support, as well as fighting fatigue and promoting mental clarity.

Although B12 is commonly found in many foods, such as meat products, egg yolks, shellfish and milk, B12 can be hard for your body to absorb for a number of reasons.

B12 absorption can be affected by digestive problems, lack of sleep, increased stress, poor diet, food sensitivities, toxicity, alcohol, smoking, inflammation and illness, and cardiovascular disease. B vitamins also become quickly depleted under mental or physical stress, toxicity, and poor diet.

Finally, B12 is an important nutrient for vegans and vegetarians who do not get it in their diet. There is also less absorption of B12 as people age due to reduced stomach acids.

“Up to 40% of the population has a B12 deficiency.”  -Dr. Oz

Other injections include magnesium for treatment of acute and chronic migraines and asthma, as well as homeopathic injectables such as Engystol which has shown proven antiviral effects and can shorten the duration of colds and flu.

Our doctors will work closely with you to design a vitamin injection protocol that fits your specific needs and goals.