Healthy Aging

Many people feel that getting older means getting sicker. At SFNM we have a different view, one that focuses on maximizing your quality of life.

Quality of life is paramount whatever your age

With advances in medical care, people are living longer but not necessarily better. Thus, while longevity is increasing for many individuals, quality of life often is not.

More people survive serious health issues such as heart attacks and cancer. But as part of recovery, they find themselves taking multiple medications. These drugs carry with them the potential for many difficult side effects. Many prescription medications are also extremely expensive.

At SFNM, we hold quality of life as the primary goal for healthcare. We're dedicated to working with you to get the most out of your life.

It's why we have committed ourselves to providing care that makes healthy aging a lifelong journey

Beyond “anti-aging” to pro-wellness

We often hear the phrase “anti-aging.” It is a bit misleading. We cannot stop the aging process.

What we can do is live a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle means using strategies that decrease our risks of serious chronic diseases and improve our chances for long and healthy lives.

We are experts at precisely developing those strategies that enhance your health at every stage of your life.

Our comprehensive and holistic approach never loses sight of your well-being. Therapies, we believe, enhance your quality of life; they should not compromise it.

A comprehensive and medically advanced approach to healthy aging based on prevention

Our doctors look at your health profile from a wide variety of angles. We thoroughly review risk factors and family history. We expertly use sophisticated new tools, such as predictive genomics, to help us assess your health status and plan for your care.

Then, we develop a wellness plan targeted to your individual needs and goals. This plan encompasses the best combination of ancient healing methods and modern science, specifically tailored to your needs at every age.

Your plan will emphasize prevention, because prevention is, of course, the best medicine.

Let our doctors show you how they can help you enjoy the life you desire, whatever your age.