Environmental Medicine

Our environment, our natural world, has become highly toxic to us in many ways. Some dangers are clear, such as pollutions and contamination. The warnings are there in the labels we see. Others are more insidious, because they reach us through slight or casual contact.

There are many compounds in our environment that weren't even in existence 50 years ago, and many of these have been shown to have deleterious effects on our health.

Fatigue, adrenal burnout, weight gain, infertility, fibromyalgia? It may be toxic exposure

At SFNM, we are aware that exposure to the multitude of chemicals in our environment may manifest as health problems that are often difficult to diagnose.

We live in an industrial society. Chemicals of all kinds are everywhere. Some exposure is inevitable, and when the levels of exposure increase, often unnoticed as they occur, the results may show up in surprising ways.

You feel tired—all the time. Your endocrine system becomes imbalanced, and you experience weight gain or lethargy. The symptoms of fibromyalgia may begin. Or you could find that infertility suddenly becomes an issue.

As naturopathic doctors, we have the tools to accurately identify the presence of toxins and metals in your system, and the therapies to restore your body's natural balance.

Effective natural tests for presence of lead, mercury, arsenic, heavy metals

Chronic exposure to toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic has been linked with a variety of chronic health conditions.

However, it is possible to identify the presence of these metals and to take effective steps to restore health by safely supporting the elimination of these toxic metals from our bodies.

The main routes of heavy metal excretion from the body are feces and urine. Analysis of toxic metals present in these products of elimination can provide important information on the presence of such metals and other potentially toxic elements in our systems.

Our expert analysis also enables us to understand your body's ability to eliminate these substances successfully and to support this natural detoxification process.

Chelation therapies to enhance healthy elimination of toxins and metals

To determine the presence of heavy metals in the body, we use several tests. First, we offer both urinary and fecal heavy metal testing.

These tests help us determine the levels of toxicity and ascertain the potential benefit of using oral chelation therapies to aid in the elimination of these toxic metals.

Chelation is a natural process that renders toxic elements inert and promotes their elimination from our bodies.

We also periodically follow up with these tests to determine efficacy of detoxification protocols we use at our clinic.

While we're often asked about hair analysis, we believe that urinary and fecal testing are not only more accurate but are not subject to external sources of contamination (e.g. lead in hair products). This is why we don't recommend hair analysis.

Natural support for healthy detoxification

A comprehensive detoxification plan involves reducing exposures to toxic compounds where practical, supporting our bodies natural processes to bind and render these substances less toxic, and promoting healthy removal from our systems.

Our naturopathic doctors have advanced training in environmental medicine and can work with you develop a plan encompassing these principles that fits your health needs and goals and restores your health.