Our bodies are increasingly under siege from toxic chemicals including heavy metals such as lead and mercury, pesticides, drugs and alcohol, food additives, microbial toxins and a plethora of chemical pollutants in our air, food and water.

At SFNM we offer naturopathic detoxification programs to help your body eliminate these toxins safely and effectively. The right program can not only improve overall health but may help in preventing and treating disease.

Why detox? Relieve symptoms of IBS, food sensitivities, fatigue and even PMS and menopause

Many patients come to us with difficult to pinpoint problems affecting digestion, skin, and menstrual issues.

After carefully assessing their health history and current status, our doctors often trace the issue to the presence of toxins which have accumulated in our organs and tissues including the liver, kidneys, bowels and skin, the organs responsible for processing and eliminating wastes.

Because of the liver's role in processing and regulating hormones, toxic reactions may also be the source for symptoms of PMS and menopause. Even skin rashes, fatigue, joint pain and emotional stress may be symptomatic of chemical pollutants in your system.

Our carefully designed detox program, individualized to specific needs, improves functioning of these major organs of elimination and dramatically increases your body's ability to detoxify itself.

With these chemical pollutants more easily eliminated, you may find that once persistent symptoms come suddenly under control. Many feel energized, with a renewed sense of wellness and vitality.

SFNM's detox program aims to support elimination and cleanse your body, reset your digestive system and identify food sensitivities

We begin by improving your current diet and preparing your body for detox. Your doctor will assess and support your organs of elimination and may order tests to assess heavy metal status and the presence of other toxic chemicals.

The next step involves resting your digestive system by eating very simple foods, at times no solid foods at all. Your diet will include juices, soups and smoothies to provide basic nutrients and enhance detoxification as well as herbal and nutritional support.

Finally, you slowly reintroduce foods back into your diet. It's at this point that we often notice changes in your symptoms as you eat certain foods. We are then able to identify any food sensitivities that may have gone previously unnoticed and deal with those as well.

Throughout this process you'll be given additional tips and lifestyle approaches to supporting healthy detoxification, and we will educate you in the principles of a "detoxification lifestyle."

Every detoxification program is highly individualized based on specific needs and goals. Most run 10 – 21 days. 

While spring is a great time for a detox, there is no wrong time for a natural detoxification program that can return your system to good health.