Claire Graser, ND

Dr. Claire Graser practices naturopathic medicine with expertise in women’s health, hormone balancing, holistic detoxification, weight loss, anxiety and stress management as well as physical medicine for repetitive strain injuries, chronic pain, digestion and fertility.

Women's health & Functional endocrinology

Have you been experiencing fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, hot flashes, insomnia, PMS, anxiety, infertility or old before your time?  Have you heard from your doctor that you’re perfectly healthy, but you still feel like crap? Do you want a doctor that listens to your goals asks how they can best serve YOU? If so, Dr. Graser will be a great fit for you. Naturopathic doctors specialize in assessing your health from many perspectives including social and emotional health, areas that are often overlooked in standard practice.

Dr. Graser also offers adrenal salivary testing, serum and salivary hormone testing, food and environmental allergy testing, stool tests to assess digestive health and functional analysis of standard lab values, all of which may provide information about your health that has been missed.

Women’s health visits with Dr. Graser can include annual exams and pap smears, fertility enhancement and post-partum recovery, hormone-balancing for PCOS, menopause, PMS, as well as bio-identical hormone replacement. Dr. Graser also treats men and women with thyroid disorders, diabetes, adrenal and cortisol imbalance, offering the best modern medical science with alternative and natural therapies.

Naturopathic detoxification & Weight Loss

When you think of detoxification, do you think juice fasting? The master cleanse? Herbal supplement blends? Are you wanting to detox but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place. Each person has different genetic and environmental influences that impact their detoxification pathways. What works for one might not be appropriate for another.

Dr. Graser helps patients create plans to support their unique biochemistry and genetics. Detoxification and weight loss often go hand in hand, but whether or not it’s your goal, you will feel lighter, and more energetic by giving your detox systems a boost.  

Many people have trouble losing weight for reasons beyond the obvious. It is not always about will power – sometimes it’s about managing your stress, balancing your hormones, finding the right combination of foods for YOU, even timing your meals in different ways. Dr. Graser provides a compassionate space to explore what has brought you to the point of seeking guidance for weight loss and supports your health with comprehensive, individualized treatment plans that address more than just calories in, calories out.

Physical Medicine For Pain relief, Digestion & Fertility

Were you super active in high-school or college but now feel like an old person? Would you like to know how to get through your workday without back and neck pain? Are you an athlete that seems to be continually getting injured and want to figure out why? Do you have chronic digestive problems and abdominal discomfort? Going through IVF or fertility challenges? Dr. Graser works with people in all of these situations using naturopathic physical medicine techniques including postural assessment and muscle strength testing, manual therapy and corrective exercise and stretching.

With a strong background in treating acute and chronic pain, digestive and reproductive health, Dr. Graser has treated hundreds of patients with hands-on work and movement education. Whether you experience body pain, chronic muscle tension, repetitive stress injuries, stress, anxiety, maldigestion or infertility, you will benefit from learning how to keep your body performing at its best.

Credentials and Memberships

Education & Training
Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, 2012
Bastyr University, Kenmore, Washington
California License ND-568

Licensed Massage Practitioner, 2008
Bellevue Massage School, Bellevue, Washington

Certification, IV Nutrient Therapy

Additional Experience

Private naturopathic practice with specialty in integrative women’s health, Senspa, 2012-2015
Co-facilitator for Centering Pelvic Pain, UCSF, 2013

Preceptorship in pediatric orthopedics, Seattle Children’s Hospital, 2012
Internship in family medicine & women’s health at Emerald City Clinic, Seattle, 2011-2012
Somatic psychotherapy and clinical biofeedback rotations with Brad Lichtenstein, ND, 2011

California Naturopathic Doctors Association